Alysabeth Alexander


Alysabeth Alexander has been a Tenant Organizer and an advocate for immigrant and workers rights for over 12 years.

Alysabeth has helped hundreds of tenants facing eviction, living in uninhabitable conditions, and fighting illegal conversions of their apartment buildings and residential hotels. She stood with homeowners facing unjust foreclosures, and stood up to big banks.  She helped lead when it mattered--working to pass the Homeowner Bill of Rights, protect Rent Control, and expand eviction protections. 

Alysabeth was the proponent of the first $15/hour minimum wage measure.  She is fighting for retirement security for all, access to full time work, and for medical insurance companies to be accountable for their rate hikes.  She believes that nobody working full time should be living in poverty and has a proven record of finding solutions to economic inequality.

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