About Us

We are a coalition of San Francisco community and labor organizations fighting to keep San Francisco a place where all people, not just the rich and the powerful, can live, work, and thrive. We are teachers, renters, city employees and parents who are coming together to take a stand against the evictions and rent increases that threaten our vibrant city. We are the people who keep San Francisco running and we are now working to keep San Franciscans in their homes.

San Francisco, once an area for people of all industries and passions to live, work, and grow together, is quickly becoming only affordable to the wealthy elite. Real estate speculators and developers are pricing long term residents out of their homes. City officials are not acting on behalf of San Franciscans’ best interests.

The current pay- to-play political culture of local government officials being accountable to their corporate and wealthy donors, but not their constituents, must end.

We will tirelessly work to elect Aaron Peskin for District 3 Supervisor (vote November 3, 2015!), and pass Proposition F (the Airbnb measure) and Proposition I (the luxury housing pause for the Mission) because San Francisco is too special of a place to become an enclave for the rich and the super rich.